Production System

Supporting Cabin Production through Seamless Data Coordination.

Who should build how many of what types of cabins, where, and by when? How many of what types of parts are necessary, and what points should be taken into account for them?

The parts and processes involved can easily become complicated in diversified small-quantity production; there are planning, procurement, management, and other important matters to take care of.

At Kyowa Sangyo, we have proactively introduced management systems for the entire production process from receiving orders to parts procurement to delivering cabins. Our Material Requirements Planning (MRP) System, our Production Planning System, and our Progress Management System form the three pillars of our cabin production system.

At Kyowa Sangyo, these systems enable seamless data coordination for unified information, efficient and standardized work, plan accuracy, shortened lead times, and other benefits. The data we accumulate day by day is also put to use for improvements of our operations.

The ever-increasing precision of these systems helps make our cabin production more streamlined and precise with every passing day.



Material Requirements Planning (MRP) System

Systematized Order Reception/Placement and Inventory Management. Connected to the Production Planning System and Progress Management System for Calculation of Necessary Amounts of Parts and Materials.

For our diversified small-quantity production system, streamlining order-receiving and order-placing procedures for parts and materials, while minimizing wasted inventory, is one of the keys of our business.

At Kyowa Sangyo, our MRP System is designed to address these matters by acquiring production planning data from the Production Planning System and calculating the amounts of parts and materials necessary. As a result, we procure the amount we need, when we need it, meeting deadlines effectively and with minimal wasted inventory.

This system can also perform inventory management for our parts and materials. Recording our cabin production records in our Progress Management System enables data collaboration, reducing the size of our inventory of parts and materials, and this data is seamlessly shared with the other two systems for efficient inventory management.



Production Planning System

Operates with our MRP System to Share Order Data for Smooth Production Planning.

This unique system, developed by Kyowa Sangyo, uses the finalized and tentative order data managed by our MRP System for production planning.

Based on this finalized and tentative order data, this system enables us to perform streamlined production planning of things like where and by when the welding and final assembly need to be processed to meet deadlines. Additionally, in coordination with the MRP System, the Production Planning System can read in work instruction data, provide confirmation of shipping instructions, print instructions, and perform other tasks.

This system also features parts master management functionality that enables the production of picking lists, which are vital when supplying parts to the production lines.



Progress Management System

Real-time Progress Management for Every Process of the Production Plan Helps to Visualize Manufacturing Status.

This system, developed by Kyowa Sangyo, visualizes cabin manufacturing status and inventory status — data that was once extremely difficult to check. Operators use tablet computers to register the progress status against the production plan, for every manufacturing process.

The data registered is automatically totaled, and for every process the number of cabins planned, the number of cabins processed, and the number of unprocessed/in-process cabins are shown onscreen to be checked.

Additionally, productivity is shown for each process broken down by model and by operator (worker), as well as the amount of time needed for each process, work that should be done first, and other useful information.



Parts Center

Our Digital Picking System Enables Increased Work Efficiency.

A system designed to quickly and accurately pick the necessary parts from a huge variety, and smoothly deliver them to the production line. At Kyowa Sangyo, our Head Plant is equipped with a parts center: by introducing this digital picking system, we have achieved vast increases in efficiency while significantly reducing the work load on our operators.

Our picking work operators wear information devices on their wrists with displays that show each necessary part in order, including practical information like part number, location number, and how many are needed, to help operators quickly and easily check the information they need.

The instructions shown on the display about the necessary parts are given by our Production Planning System and our Progress Management System.