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Quality and the Environment

In Order to Offer Products that Customers Can Trust, 
We Work On Both Quality Improvements and Care for the Environment.

At Kyowa Sangyo, we constantly work to improve our products, in order to continually impress and delight our customers with our products’ ever-increasing quality and reliability. At the same time, protecting the global environment is always one of our top priorities in running our business. We spare no effort when it comes to environmental conservation to help us find harmony with local society, and always continue to work toward building a society that can develop sustainably.



How We Keep Our Quality High

A Constant Focus on Quality

Most of the cabins that we produce are used in dangerous, unforgiving environments. Every single cabin that we make is built to create an environment that an operator can feel as comfortable as possible in as they control their machines, in addition to keeping operators safe in these dangerous work environments. As a result, we prize our customers’ points of view above our own, and work to meet customers’ needs to maximize satisfaction.

Our Policy on Imperfect Products

We have a fundamental policy that no imperfect product should ever be sent to the next process of production. As soon as any flaw or defect is found, we immediately take measures, right then and there, to fix it.
But of course, it isn’t enough to simply fix it and move on. Our continuous efforts to reduce the number of flaws and defects that occur mean that when a problem occurs:

  1. We investigate the cause of the problem.
  2. We plan countermeasures to prevent the same defect from occurring again.
  3. We share this knowledge with not just the department where the problem occurred, but with the departments that handle the steps before and after as well.

Additionally, should a customer discover a flaw or defect in a product that we have delivered to them, we immediately jump to action to investigate the cause and do everything we can to prevent it from occurring again.


Our Environmentalism Efforts

Active Efforts toward Environmental Conservation.

Environmental Policy

We will proactively work to create a sustainable society by voluntarily promoting activities to reduce our environmental impact while maintaining harmony with local communities.

In addition, we will strive to minimize the environmental risks that our business activities pose to local communities and respond quickly to any problems that may arise.


Specific initiatives

Ongoing activities for ISO 14001

We will continue to work on environmental issues while striving to build and maintain an environmental management system.

Energy Conservation Initiatives

We are reducing energy consumption by installing an air conditioning system that makes effective use of our abundant water resources and promoting the use of LED lights for internal lighting.

Efforts to Reduce CO₂ Emissions

We are reducing CO₂emissions through solar power generation, and will continue to expand the amount of power generated.

Efforts to Reduce Waste

We are aware of the impact of pollutants contained in waste on the environment, and conduct appropriate management and treatment based on laws and regulations.

At the same time, we are working to reduce the amount of waste generated through 4R (Refuse,Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) activities.

Approaches to the management of chemical substances

We have established a management system that can comply with global regulations such as the REACH regulation and RoHS directive, and are promoting the manufacture of products that are environmentally and socially friendly.

Efforts to Prevent Pollution

We recognize that pollution caused by chemical substances is an important environmental risk and are working to avoid it.

We conduct risk assessments on a regular basis, especially considering the scale and duration of the impact.

Active Efforts toward Environmental Conservation.

In addition to our efforts to exist in harmony with local society, we also promote environmental conservation activities and work to be an environmentally friendly company, as part of our contributions toward bringing about a sustainable society.



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