Welfare and Benefits

Welfare and Benefits Designed to Create a Pleasant Workplace.

Welfare and benefits provide a crucial form of support to help keep our employees feeling great, for work that they can take pride in. At Kyowa Sangyo, we provide an employee cafeteria and other facilities as a part of these benefits. In addition, we actively work to organize activities where employees can develop friendships with one another. Through efforts like these, we strive to provide a more pleasant workplace.




Our Headquarters and Head Plant features a cafeteria that seats up to 190 people. With its beautiful natural lighting and clean, modern environment, it makes the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal.

Employees can bring their own lunches, too — there are even microwaves available for use.

Our cafeteria offers a variety of hot lunches, including noodles, topped rice bowls, and other favorites, with free extra helpings of tea, miso soup, and side dishes.



Recreational Activities

Our recreational activities are designed to foster friendship and cooperation among our employees. We plan and hold regular events like welcome parties for new employees and year-end parties.

A scene from a year-end party at a hot spring resort hotel.

A scene from a welcome party for new employees. A great time was had by all, both old and new.



CSR|Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)