Integrating our Production and Development Capability 
to Become the Leading Cabin Manufacturer.

Kyowa Sangyo was founded in 1974 in Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture, as a producer of cabins for construction machines, farming machines, and others. Since then, we have established a track record of results using our flexible production system and superior development capability: for instance, our many customers for small construction machine cabins have led to Kyowa Sangyo’s leading market share in that field in Japan.

Looking forward, we strive more than ever to offer cabins that satisfy all our customers, and to that end we have based our basic principles on our company motto, “Harmony,” to predict our customers’ needs and provide cabins with outstanding SLQDC.

  • Harmony with Customers: Maximizing customer satisfaction through outstanding products and services.
  • Harmony with Employees: Creating a pleasant work environment and encouraging the personal growth of our employees, who strengthen our organization.
  • Harmony with the Local Community: Strengthening cooperation with our suppliers to promote regional development and environmental conservation.

We treat these basic principles as the base for the production and development capability that are our greatest strengths. Every member of our company is dedicated to meeting the challenges of further optimizing our diversified small-quantity production system and structure, enabling us to continue to develop as the leading cabin manufacturer.

Shunichi Takai
President and CEO



Company Principle: Harmony




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