Production Lines

How Do We Keep Quality Consistently High, Keep Costs Low, 
and Deliver Cabins as Quickly as Possible?

One answer to this question is that we actively work toward efficiency and optimization of our production process. Another answer is that every process from stamping and welding to final assembly and inspection is totally managed, as well as line planning that makes our diversified small-quantity production more efficient.

Pressure is applied to sheet metal by stamping machines to form body panels.

The body panels and other parts are fixed to assembly jigs, and welded together.

A primary coating with excellent anti-rust properties is applied to the welded cabins.

Caulk is applied for airtightness and water leakage prevention, and the cabins are painted.

Windshields, wipers, and other parts are outfitted (attached)

Extremely strict inspection is performed with the actual use in mind.


Major Features of Our Production Lines

  • Rapid production flow with barcode directions.
  • Equipped with a large-scale automated painting line with a cation electrodeposition coating process.
  • Introduction of robots to welding and painting processes.
  • Flexible line design to support diversified small-quantity production.
  • Combination of robots and skilled workers for streamlined, efficient production.